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Phyllis and I could not be more pleased with the steel windows and doors you provided and installed in our new home. The windows make the room. Because of the beauty and quality of the windows and doors, it has become the center of our new home. The light makes it feel as if you are really outside while inside, which is exactly what we desired. It is a full purpose reading, entertaining, music and getaway room, as well as our indoor greenhouse. I must compliment you on your service. Since you were the last trade to be completed on our home we gave you an impossible deadline. You delivered on time as promised. Phyllis and I can't thank you enough.

Ed Maslow, Homeowner

I just wanted you to know what a difference your company has made in our lives these past 10 years. As you know, our apartment is all glass on all four sides, with 3 floors; that's about 30 tilt and turn windows. The Bright Window Specialists product is not just beautiful and functional-it's durable. Not one of them has ever leaked or malfunctioned, and the apartment continues to be quiet as a mouse, just as it was on the first day. But especially important to us, when one of the windows was accidentally smashed in the middle of February, you appeared that very day to board it up and had it replaced within a week. Bright Windows this even though our installation took place 5 years prior! It's wonderful to know that people like you are there to back up their product years later. Thank you so much for your fine product, your fine work, and your follow-up and support.

David Hariton, Homeowner

My company SilverLining has worked with Richard and Bright windows for many years. The most recent project of Hope windows was the most challenging window project we have ever been involved in. His crew performed a fantastic job; they were careful, professional and timely. Richards's personal input was also critical to the success of this complex project. I am very pleased Hope and Bright joined up for their NY installations and engineering.

Josh Wiener, President
SilverLining Interiors, Inc.
New York, NY

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